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Fish tycoon help?

What is the magic fish no.5?

Posted by daisy

Fish #1: Greenfin Spotanus – Magical Fish of Fertility Mixing Twin-Fin Spotanus & Spined Spotanus
Fish #2: Speckled Leaffish – Magical Fish of Sustenance Mixing Orange Stickfish & Twin-Fin Beta Orange or Spotanus & Twin-Fin Fruitfish
Fish #3: Crimson Comet – Magical Fish of Curing Mixing Speckled Stickfish & Orange Goldbulb or Orange Fatfish & Speckled Bananafish
Fish #4: Oriental Goldbulb – Magical Fish of Growth Mixing Greenfin Leaffish & Fanned Fire-Arrow or Crimson Comet & Orange Goldbulb
Fish #5: Orange Snooper – Magical Fish of Health Mixing Fanned Arrowfish & Stubby Fruitfish or Orange Fruitfish & Orange Snout
Fish #6: Wasp Grouper – Magical Fish of Mutation Mixing Spined Comet & Silky Beta or Orange Beta & Snubbed Comet
Fish #7: Canary Fire-Arrow – Golden Guppy of Isola Mixing Crimson Comet & Fanned Fatfish or Orange Snooper & Canary Flashfish.

Do you like fishing????????????

Do you go fishing ?i dont.

Posted by wormyfeatures

Love fishing
when fresh water salmon fishing once…… canada
used to go river bass fishing, with spinners off the back of a boat, great fun.

Logic question involving fish.?

What does fish + fish = ?

I believe that fish + fish = 2*fish. But my friend believes that fish + fish = fish.

Can anyone help resolve this problem.

Posted by spartanfan08

Fish + fish = 2 fish when you're talking about math, but your friend is right, too. "Fish" is a noun that's both singular AND plural. So, your friend is saying that (one) fish + (one) fish = (two/more than one/plural) fish. So, both of you are correct, in different ways (math and English). However, if the the "fish" and "fish" were used plurally, you would be incorrect because you thought of them as singular. But, because no one specified whether or not it's singular or plural, you are correct, from your perspective. Kapiche?

Hope this helps.

Answer my simple math question, please?



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